Italian Elective Residency Program

For the financially self-sufficient, La Bella Vita awaits…

But don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can successfully apply for the Italian Elective Residence Visa on your own…

Demand for the Italian Elective Residence Visa Program has increased exponentially since 2019, however:

  • Over 2,500 independently submitted applications are rejected every month
  • Over 93% of independent applications are submitted incompletely or incorrectly.
  • Clear program guidance is hard to obtain, and the Italian bureaucracy can be hard to navigate.
  • Italian authorities are under no obligation to entertain appeals once your
  • Consequently, over 96% of independently submitted Elective Residence Visa applications ultimate fail.

This needn’t be the case for your application – expert help is at hand…

Speak to Italy’s Elective Residency experts and obtain Italian settlement rights simply, reliably and conveniently – without the need for a Golden Visa investment.

Italy Elective Residence Visa Program Benefits

  • NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT: While the Elective Residence Program requires you to have a domicile in Italy, you have the option of renting a suitable property, paid up-front for 12 months, or buying a home – with no minimum purchase value required.
  • FAST TRACK PROCESS: Gain Italian Elective Residence in as little as 2 months, provided that you’ve purchased a home or rented a property, and meet all the relevant requirements (and earn sufficient passive income).
  • CLEAR PATH TO ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP: Once you’ve spent more than 5 years living in Italy as an elective resident, you can become eligible to apply for Italian citizenship.
  • WORD CLASS QUALITY OF LIFE: Italy is one of the world’s top travel, second home and retirement destinations – and with good reason. Boasting exceptional quality of life, high personal safety and a central location in Western Europe, Italy is the place to call home on the continent.
  • THE ULTIMATE PLAN B: For non-EEA nationals seeking a back-up plan in the EU, the Italian Elective Residence Visa Program offers a simplified path to a better future for their families.

Key program requirements

  • ADEQUATE PASSIVE INCOME: A stable, passive annual income of no less than €31,160 for individuals and €38,000 for married couples. NB: This income may not derive from employment or work related activities. Income can be derived from pension, annuities, dividends, investments, property rentals or royalty payments. For every dependent child under 18, this requirement goes up by 5%.
  • ITALIAN DOMICILE: You’ll need to own an Italian home suitable to your needs and the size of your family. Alternatively, proof of a 12-month rental contract for a suitable property, fully paid up-front, may suffice as well.
  •  COMPREHENSIVE EU HEALTH INSURANCE: A comprehensive EU health insurance policy with coverage of €30,000 per person per year, paid in full for 12 months up-front.
  • MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENTS: In order to maintain your elective residency, you should not leave Italy for longer that 6 months (180 days) at a time.
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